Saturday, January 12, 2008

State of the Slugs : 2008

We live in a crazy world; that's for sure. Change seems inevitable and constant. And, we live with it. Over the past nineteen years we've all evolved; we're definitely not the same people we were in 1989. Looking at this pic, always takes me back. Me and da'hitman were brothers, and always will be. We didn't save the world, but we sure made a lot of friends.

First, I see below that Mr. Clean checked in, and I have to agree with him in congratulating the newest Sluggos. Welcome aboard! I really have a hard time imagining we're still handing out those old black slug shirts. But we are. You know I've tried to explain Team Slug over the years to hundreds of people. At marathons / ultras around the country that shirt is a great conversation starter.

I try to share with other runners that TSI is not actually a running club. Not like the Peninsula Track Club or Virginia Happy Trails Club. Rather, we're a "state of mind", maybe an idea whose time has past. Hitman and I, all those years ago decided we weren't going to change. We would hold olde-tyme events, all fat-ass style; no aid, no fees, no rules, etc. Period. Always. And it's worked.

While other clubs are holding events with hundreds of entrants, waiting lists, etc; Team Slug is lucky to get twenty to the starting line. And I say "lucky" in the most respectful of ways. Hitman always say, "The right folks show up." And, after all these years I have to agree with him. TSI appears healthy, and poised to continue in holding the most worthy of all non-events.

I think the news has leaked out already; but TSI will be offering "20th Anniversary Beer Steins" to all the Slug-finishers in the fall in Delaware, Carolina, and Florida. It will be to "kick off" Team Slug's twentieth year in the ultra community; and at the request of one of the original slugs, Mr. James "The All-Niter" Moore.
Rumour also has it that the "Boogy Bayou Swamp Stomp" will return to Okaloosa County out in the Florida Panhandle. Can anyone say, GATOR!!!

Friends, Life is Good; and I appreciate each one of you, and look forward to seeing you on a trail someday soon. Don't worry about looking for me, I'll find you.

Happy Days,
Chief Slug Running Man

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