Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho; Merry Christmas, One and All !!!

Now i realize that y'er Sluggo's and probably weren't too good this year; which means Santa may have left ya' coal, instead of a new pair of Brooks Beasts. Any-who relax, and repent; try harder in 2007. And, what better way to start than another Fat Butt. We currently have 21 confirmed entrants, but if ya just feelin' that ya need that black shirt, shoot us a request for entry; no doubt not all of the confirmed entrants will be sobered up by January 6th. In all sincerity; i have received confirmation that da'hitman hisself will be present for fattest butt. no word yet on john d. clark. keep yer fingers crossed. finally, for me-self, the tsi executive board, AND all sluggos everywhere; THANKS for the beautiful memories, and loving friendships. SLUGS ROCK! happy days, flatfoot freddie.

Monday, December 18, 2006

fattest butt gets plumper by da' week!

ok, dr. hitman turned up; seems he ordered one of d'ose on-line clergy certificates, and he's been down in tallahassee marryin' drunkard college students at $25 a pop to pay for seventy-five cases of new orleans' finest voodoo blackened lager. and, you can be sure he's up to no good with that much swamp juice. but, he did promise to be here in january; and, the tsi 2007 fattest butt registration continues with the next four official entrants confirmed; jason mattis, phillip hesser, rich kruse, and miguel gomez. welcome one and all. the field continues to shape up nicely, and slug trinkets have been "officially ordered." soon we will add more names to the lifetime slug list, and friends, if you are still running; you may continue to avoid the wrath of the the famous black slug-shirt; but, sooner or later, if ya don't quit; you'll be joining us in the slug kingdom. hey, it ain't so bad being slow! from the warm and sunny eastern seaboard, flattest foot freddie.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Smith/Laundry smoke da' SC Fat Ass!!!

Congrats to the latest two 2007 fattest butt entrants, and potential Lifetime Slugs; Chuck Donaway and Mark Kuo. Also, congrats to Brother Claude and the Runners From Hell for the highly successful SC Fat Ass 50K held this past Sunday in Lancaster, SC. Claude reports nine finishers with first male and female finishing in a dead heat. Stuart Smith and Susan Landry of Pennsylvania finished together in 4:33:35. What a great run, and no doubt a great time down south yesterday. Hope each of ya have your Christmas shopping done! Itsa comin'. The fattest butt is also creeping closer and closer, and surely; da hitman will be here. Race day mis-information will be posted the week between the holidays. happy days, flatfoot freddie.

Monday, December 04, 2006

freeze warning in florida tonight!

ok...that's not why i'm writing, but if you're anywhere from gainesville, north; ya better bring in the plants tonight. next three victims, errr, participants; for the 2007 team slug fattest butt 50k in january are; matthew hernberger, derek hills (returning for more funn), and ravi gooneratne. race director for this non-event will be amanda bundek. we're now just over a month out, and very excited about this run. new handrails are currently being installed, along with some heated astro-turf. remember, guide dogs are allowed at all slug events; and extra credit is provided for those who take longer than seven hours to finish. a couple of days after christmas i'll send out a detailed rules sheet. of course, it'll be mostly empty. for all you folks up north tonight; i wish you warm tidings of great joy. from keyest west, da' flattest foot freddie....