Monday, January 07, 2008

Lessons Learned at Fattest Butt

Hello Hitman and Fellow Runners,

John Straub invited me to this un-franchised, un-sanctioned, un-organized, non-commercialized, low stress, low cost, highly prized and humanized un-officially healthy non-event run. And below, is what i learned.
Happy Trails
Craig See ( 1/3 Slugger--- finished Nine Miles)

Lesson Learned (and some to forget):

1. Mud does not freeze off at 28 degrees "butt" other things do.

2. When placing one foot in a one foot deep mud hole, ensure to insert the other foot to same depth at same time.

Slugging with only one five pound foot may cause loss of positive traction rear end, a leg and toe muscle building imbalance, audit by the IRS and a total loss of control on high speed down hill curves, and/ or all of the above.

A five pound weight suspended at the end of a long extremity can also cause centrifugal force to wrap owner of said extremity (leg with mud caked foot) several times around a tree at bottom of said steep downhill. This did not happen to me but I envisioned this possibility several times while going very slow.

3. Bring an extra pair of clean shoes for short notice grocery shopping mission after an off-road race.

Wearing one large black mud covered, still dripping black water and making gurgling sounding sneaker brings weird looks from non-trail slug shoppers and various angry loud speaker calls for "Clean Up on Aisles 2, 3, 4 , and 5!"

4. Never send a lone hungry 1/3 slug guy grocery shopping with expired coupons after a race with the entire family food budget. Yes, the canned goods made it home with only minor teeth marks but that gallon of milk and bag of chips was history and I was still drooling the rest of the way home!

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