Saturday, January 05, 2008

18th Fattest Butt in the books...


...and I am tired. And, grateful. What a beautiful day in Slug-Land. 28 wonderful ultrarunners stepped up to the plate in Kent County, Delaware, to take a swing at Slug immortality. For when one finishes a Slug-run; one is intiated forever into Slugdom. For the young flashy, fast runners; it may not mean much, and the black shirts earned / worn proudly by many hundreds of previous athletes may be tucked away in the drawer.

But my friends, I have been doing this long enough to know some things. First, everyone Slows Down. You may not believe me, but just wait ten, or twenty years. You'll either slow down, or retire from running. And, when one slows down one looks back at those days when they were younger, and free; and the bright sunny ultra days gone by, seem like joyful drops of memory, raining love onto their souls. And one things for sure. The Slug-runs may be small and disorganized, but those running them know why they're here. They are drawn here, to become part of something that can not be bought. It has to be earned, with sweat and determination.

I usually struggle with the pictures to post on the site or blog. Not today, I wanted this one up, to remind us all of what is important in our lives. It shows a mother and son (Patti and Aaron Lipschutz of Philly and Boston, repectively), together earning the Slug-shirt. They obviously love each other dearly and have countless memories to share. Now they have another, and God I am so thankful to have been a part of it. This is what matters my friends. Your family, and those close to you. Tell them you love them, and hug them every chance you get. Time is precious, and Life is shorter than you think.

Happy Days,
da' Hitman.

p.s. Full Story, Results, and Pics will be posted to within 24 hours.

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