Monday, January 21, 2008

Everything's FROZEN in the First State...

Yes, it was twelve degrees on the back porch this morning; and i thought hard about getting back into bed. But, if i'd crawled under those warm sheets, and fallen asleep; i'd have missed those couple of hours with pokey on the frozen tundra of central delaware. and, God knows; i enjoy my time on the trails; with pokey. the pond was frozen this morning, and nothing was crawling out of it. bright sun, clear day, with absolutely "pizzed-off" squirrels throwing stuff at us...perfect day; perfect run, as we wake up daily, one day at a time; and try to get fit, for the spring; frozen and iced up beard, beer slushies, and a glazed pond. life is good in delaware; but lets face it. Sluggos belong in Florida!!!

happy days,

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