Thursday, June 29, 2006

Three Month Countdown...

...until the Russell B. Cheney 50K on September 30th. and, we all know the summer will fly by. We currently have fifteen (15) registered plodders. Normally, I'd cut it off right there. But, after convening with the tsi's most honorable board of directors in last night's executive council meeting, we've decided to go for the record. The very next entry will break that record, and receive a lifetime of harassment from da' slugs. That's right, in the past 17 years, and 44 events the largest number of runners ever registered was 15*. so please if you're determined to run this fall please get the entry in. i really don't expect everyone to show up, so no worries, there'll be plenty of pond-water and day old bread for all. i hope each of you are enjoying your best running and life-year ever. happiest of days, john.
*that's in "official" slug non-events. i realize that some of the "semi-official" slug non-events, including those in the d.c. area, the "peanuts' gallery", and even my personal favorite, brother claude's "slugs from hell", have had many more starters. and, i assure you all, that here at tsi we absolutely love all of our affiliate organizations. in fact, the "gulf coast ufo division" of tsi, headed by the big brown pony is now entering its 10th consecutive year of failing to finish even "one" plodder at their annual convention/beach-plod in Navarre Beach, Florida. now, that is an accomplishment! congrats bbp and keep up the great work.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Great Morning Run......

...and one day closer to rbc and jfk. this morning was a fantastic exercise in putting in some long, slow miles; and swatting some gnasty gnats that bite. we were out extra early this morning to beat the stormy rain that's slowly and surely descending into downstate delaware. and we talked and enjoyed peaceful quiet, it was all good, as we experienced the intense and beautiful humidity that completely envelopes you as you move through time in the summer in the mid-atlantic. if you're reading this today, take a minute to click on the WS100 live-link and check on ms. catra's progress. she's been in my thoughts a lot lately, and continues to motivate me towards my personal goals. how much effort does it take to go out into this heat and run three hours...plenty....but my budd in California is out "right now" facing not only the beast of one hundred miles; but then fully intends to turn around and run back. let's face it...the girl's got what it takes, and we love her. so slugfriends enjoy your runs today and this weekend, and keep in mind that it is a privilege to be healthy enough to get out there and do what we do. please be thankful for it. lookin forward to seeing each of you all later this summer and into the fall. happy days, john.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First State Ultrarunning in the News!

Please take a moment to check out the article by Ms Jennifer Goldblatt in today's News Journal . I put a link on the front page for you out-of-staters. Also, Carl Camp, The Sleep Monster himself, has announced that this years Delaware 100 will be held on September 30th. I put the link on TSI's schedule page. That just happens to be the same day as the RBC 50K. So if you're gonna be close by that weekend, and are interested, i'll be leaving the finish line at rbc and heading straight to Newark to help at the 100 mile Aid Station overnight. Shouldn't be so cold this year (read last years story on 2005 race page). Also, this weekend is the Western States 100, starting in Squaw Valley, California. Team Slug wants to wish Ms. Catra the best of luck as she goes for the double. happy days, john

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Great Delaware Spotted Mushroom Hunt

Don't ask about the title. It doesn't matter. Main thing is that me and ms.mandy got out there this morning and put in some miles. And, that's what counts. As RBC draws closer and closer my motivation continues to waiver, it has taken ms. m to get me out there. And, historically that has been the trend. The right person always shows up at the right time. And today was a good one; and now it's back to one day at a time. Just Get OUT and Do It! The heat is on in delaware and i'm thankful for it. Running this morning felt great. Nice and slow and easy and steady. Running and relaxing and being thankful for every breath. That's what it is about. As we inch closer to the Mr. Cheney 50K, and then onto jfk; From the firstest status. da' hitman.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Newsflash! RBC hostage in ND !!!

RBC checks in from North Dakota. Don't ask me what he's doin there; what would anybody be doing there? Runnin marathons of course.....and doing what he does best. Meeting, greeting, and befriending the natives. Wow; under four months til the fall race; time sure is flyin. I'm still working hard to keep the entries down; and have chased off several prospective "real" runners. One look at the pic of me and ole rbc last october, and any sane person would decide they had better things to do, than come and eat watermelon with us. Anyway, i mean it; i'm gonna start training seriously. Just joking, i only wrote that so john clark would spit up some of the suds i'm sure he's sippin in front of the old computer screen. jc ya better show up, or i WILL get out that voodoo doll and use it. i m.e.a.n. it!!! keep runnin sluggos, and keep the faith. see y'all in sept. happy days, john.