Sunday, August 31, 2008

NJ Sluggos present and accounted for...


Please sign up AJ Johnson of Seaville, NJ and Jeff Holloway of Marmora, NJ for the RBC 50K. We know we shouldn't come and dare the pond monster, but the lore of the stein is just too strong. Besides, I want to go back to the scene of my mishap about a mile into the 2008 Fattest Butt. To this day I look at the scar on my left knee and wonder what type of trail monster could inflict such a wound; and to think I was worried only about Flying Blind Squirrels, Rancid Hoofed Bovinian Deer, and the Great Striped Delaware Pit Vipers. We just have just one very important question: what special elixir do you request to anoint 'The Stein?" Looking forward to seeing you and all of the Slugs on the 27th.

AJ Johnson