Monday, September 04, 2006

Russell B. Cheney 50K Information / Welcome Pack

friends, slugs (old and new);

1. The fall marathon season is now upon us, and final tune-ups are being made. Here in Slug-land we're also preparing to welcome mr. russell b. cheney back to the first state where he will be participating in this event in his honor. I've included the list of confirmed entrants; if their is anyone out there that i missed please contact me immediately. My disorganization is legendary.

2. First, welcome to this ultramarathon. This will be the sixteenth consecutive year that this run has been held on the last weekend of sept/first weekend of october. It has moved from it's original location in virginia, to florida, one year in korea, and now into the first state of delaware. Please keep in mind this is not an "official" event. We're a group of old and new friends getting together to carry on this birthday tradition of a long run. This year the honoree is one mister cheney. He will be gracing us with his presence, and be available for photos and autographs. Also, this is kind of like a fat-ass run; but not as well organized. It will consist of nine loops around a pond, with aid available at the start/finish area. The markings will be sporadic to none, and handrails will not be present. However, you are welcome to bring guidedogs if you would feel safer out there. TSI will provide the basics of purified pond water and stale bread. If you need any special provisions to finish, please bring them along. There is NO TIME LIMIT, however, we must be out of the park by dark. Should anyone require more time, we'll park outside the gate, and i will personally help ya finish (i promise). The fee is ten u.s. dollars, unless other arrangements have been made (angela), and will only be collected if you want one of our world-famous black t-shirts. We do, of course, have a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

3. Incredibly, this is the largest field of starters we've ever had. Previously the record has been fifteen. Remember, however, it's not too late to drop out. In fact, you can drop out all the way up to the previous day; but please contact me if you come to your senses and decide not to show up. I assure you that i don't blame ya. My e-mail is: ; or you can phone at (302)678-3325 at home and (302)399-6409 on my cell phone.

4. We will meet at Killen's Pond Park in the main parking area. It's easy to find on a map, approximately ten miles south of dover, delaware off route 13. Headed south from dover you'll make a left off of rt 13 at the sign marking killen's pond. drive approximately one mile and you will pass lake forest high school. the very next right will take you into the park. the gate opens at 0800 A.M, and it'll cost you a few bucks to get in. come all the way to the back past the water park. our small group should be easy to find. remember this is not an official event, and ranger rick has not been notified. we're just a small group of friends having an all-day picnic, and getting some exercise.

5. Finally, we'll be cooking some spaghetti the night before at my house in dover, probably around 630 PM. If you'd like to come by, and say hi, all will be welcome. The address is 240 beechwood avenue, off of alternate 113 (south state street.) again, i'd just appreciate a phone call a week or so ahead so we can have plenty of pasta. I love this time of year in the mid-atlantic, and the park will be beautiful. It's a very easy run, nearly all downhill, and i expect the temps to be in the mid-seventies. I look forward to seeing some of you all again, and look forward even more to meeting the new folks, and potential slugs.

Confirmed Starters Russell B. Cheney 50K on 9/30/06:
Brian Adams, DE
Don Baun, OH
Amanda Bundek, DE
Russell Cheney, CA
John Clark, PA
Mark Crisman, MD
John Hayward, MD
Angela Ivory, TN
Lawrence Macon, TX
Pete McLaughlin, DE
James Moore, VA
Rebecca Moore, VA
Steve Ozer, NY
Rob Powell, OH
Kendel Prescott, GA
Walt Prescott, GA
Richard Ryan, VA
Charles Sayles, CA
Mark Vukovich, VA
Juanita Wheatley, MD
Flatfoot Freddie, FL