Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all the Slugs


Sending best wishes to all past, present, and future Slugs. Over the past 20 years, You've brought a lot of joy to our hearts, and smiles to our faces. From the TSI Executive Council, Flatfoot Freddie, and myself... May God Bless you all.

Chief Slug Running Man
Phenix City, Alabama, USA

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Redeye 50k Trail Run

Sluggo's Alive and Well in the Commonwealth of Virginia !!!

January 1, 2009
8:00 AM
Triangle, VA

We will start at 8 AM. Real wussy. You can sleep in.

REDEYE 50K (13th Year) [NOTE: For many years, Team Slug, primarily Dan Grayson, Bill Sublett, and James Moore, put on the much-loved Redeye 50km on New Year's Day. Team Slug has allowed Gary Knipling and me to do it. So the Redeye is on. Unlike in the Team Slug days, the aid station will be totally unmanned and there will be absolutely no finishers awards. (Team Slug used to have creative, goofy finishers awards.) Otherwise it is the same. Remember that the tradition is to bring good, greasy food to share. --Anstr]

WHEN: 1 January 2009, Starting Time 8:00 a.m.

WHERE: Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, Virginia. Take the Triangle/Quantico exit (Exit 150-B) off I-95 (about 25 miles south of D.C.) and follow the signs to the park, which is just west of the freeway. Enter the park (right turn) and make the first left. Follow this road about 2 miles and turn left toward Turkey Run (watch for the sign). In about one half mile, turn right into Turkey Run Campground and follow this road to the parking lot at the end - this is the start/finish. You will need to pay the National Park Service entrance fee on the way out. We believe the fee is $5 for a car or $3 if you walk in unless you have a NPS pass. Note: If the weather bottoms out (Ice and Snow) and the Park Service closes the roads, we will meet in the parking lot near the park entrance by the visitor's center and work out a modified course so everyone can get some miles in.

More Info At:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fattest Butt UN-Postponed ???

Merry Solstice!

I have heard from some very unrealiable sources that there are plans for a Fat turnout at the Fattest Butt this year, even though it was officially postponed. I guess the call of the slug is strong in some or they are just way too crazy for words. I did my best to weave the tales of the pit viper, the hungry deer, even the stroeis of the pond monster cannot get them to turn away. I guess it would be futile to talk of the Blind Flying Squirrels, it seems they have made up their minds. I guess I will do my best to hold down the fort in your place. I promise to take down all the handrails on Saturday night, lay water down to make ice traps, and, of course, to taunt the pond monster. I am sure there will be some good stories out of this year's fattest butt. Have no fear, Down and Durty and I have plans to take the crazy horse and share the 2009 spoils.

Hope you have a great Holiday!

Prez Pokey Slug

ED: Some of our best memories have been made at Postponed Non-Events :) God Bless All da' Slugs at this Wonderful Tyme of the Year ... The Unofficial Black 100% Cotton TSI Shirt will be available for First Time Sluggos; Let me know what ya need, I'll diggem' out.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

From Slug Candidate ... "Stick in Foot"

I will be there on the 4th at the Pond with bells on.
(to keep the snakes away and have Mrs Santa find me if I get lost)

But I will not be able to go to China.

I say we run this non-race, no leader event (with no directions) in formation in Honor of our Service Men and Women while our fearless leader is with his son.

Maybe wear something like camo or red white and blue bandana, M16 or carry a flag not that slugs have arms..after 31 miles.

Army boots and 50lb pack may be a bit much, but hey if you need a bigger challenge!!!

It will be kinda like that movie with Dan Murray only we will not have the Urban Assault Vehicle.

just an idea but I will be there if at all possible to attempt Slugdom.

Stick in Foot

ED: Of Course, all good Slugs know that bells attract the Diving Albino Pit Vipers ... Luckily, this time of year they're all Frozen!

The Unofficial unofficial Fattest Butt Non-Event('09 Version)

See Below; Derek reports that he will be on the Slug grounds on Saturday the 4th of Jan ... any attending first timers will receive the Official Slug Shirt, if Derek says you "earned" it. If you wanna alert him of your intentions, shoot me a note, and I'll forward it to him...Good Luck!

g'morning john,

yeah, i'll be there. i can promise that everyone there will be running faster than me--i'm shootin for an 8 hour finish (good aerobic basebuilding). maybe i should just curl up next to the hibernating pit vipers?
should be a good time. i think we'll have a nice collection of rabble rousers.

have a great time down in VA!

merry christmas and happy new years to you and your family!