Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hallelujah! January 3 & 4 ...

...as a "Ring in the New Year Doing Something Really Dumb" weekend!

You know, it is nobody's fault but your own that people keep showing up, John...

TrailDawgs may run "fancy pants" events but -- we don't give away Trucker's Hats. And, the Triple Crown coffee mug is nice but not exactly a beer mug. And now that the Chief Delaware Slug declared (to guvmint officials, no less) that the runs are church fellowship events, you run the risk of attracting a better class of people.

See y'all on the trails,

Insane Pete

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fattest Butt set for Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Dear Hunt, Phil, Insane Pete...

Team Slug has chosen to quit advertising runs in the First State; we've already done the same in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia.
We're not trying to expand operations; or entice more runners. In fact, we attempt to discourage participation at every opportunity.
Still, a handful of the Deranged continue to show. I understand coming once; the Shirt is Cool; but why anyone ever comes back is beyond me.

So we're not committed to any particular day. I've gone ahead and posted Sunday, January 4th on the site.

Keep in mind; The Fewer the Better. If it's Pokey, Me, Derek and Pete; and a bottle of Ginger Brandy...So it is.
More Booze for us.

And, remember TSI doesn't run "fancy pants" Trail Dawg events. No. We're basically just gonna line up and go. We're highly disorganized, and not likely to improve in the near future.
There will be No Aid, No Whining, No Fee... I might not even count the Laps right if I don't want ya back.
Even more; I might get drunk on Saturday and not even show up... But, the Run will go On.
There will be no application; because this will be a non-event; Ranger Rick really don't like Slugs.
I am not making this up; Just ask Pete...or John S...or Carl....We Are very difficult to Work with.

Finally, this is a Very Easy Run. Ten laps around a Pond. Mostly All Downhill. There is really No good Reason Not to Finish.
We keep it goin' fer the fifty staters; and those who just want to finish an "ultra"...and i use that term loosely.
Please tell any of your folks doing the PHUNT50K on Saturday, wanting to finish the Double to e-mail me at .... teamslug@comcast.net

Happy Days,

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congrats to 2008 RBC 50K Finishers...


RBC 50K, Dover, DE, 9/27/08
11 Starters

1. A.J.Johnson 4:44
2. Ryan Setlock 4:59
2. Jason Setlock 4:59
4. Derek Hills 5:50
5. John Lysinger 5:52
5. Pat Starkey 5:52
7. Jim Simpson 7:01
8. Jeff Holloway 7:20

A.J. Johnson once again led the field through the driving rain, muck, and disorder on this swampy day in the Central Forests of the Great First State. While the Tree-Diving Pit Vipers appeared to be on hiatus; the Hornets were not. We had three runners stung, and several others chased to new PR's.

Special congrats to Ryan Setlock and Pat Starkey for completing their first ever ultramarathon. They each held their own, smiling and enjoying life, on a very messy day. Representing Russell B. Cheney himself; and hailing from the State of California, Mr.Jim Simpson ran a steady even pace. Immediately following the non-event, he grabbed a rain-soaked cheeseburger and pointed the landcruiser directly for Vermont, where he'll enjoy another 50K tomorrow morning. Jeff Holloway fell behind early; and was never challenged as he nabbed the coveted Crazy Horse Award.

Life is good in the First State, and we're thankful for the continued friendships that we share. Be patient with us as we navigate through Team Slug website issues. It's a well known fact that Slugs are Techno-Impaired. May be time to call in the Professionals. Hope to see some of you the first weekend of the New Year; as the Slugs again step into the Forbidden Forest in pursuit of a Fattest Butt finish...

Happy Days,


Monday, September 22, 2008

RBC 50 K on 9/27.

OK, we're here again; and nearly back to our roots. Expecting just a handful of hearty souls, and some wet weather. Appears a coastal storm is bearing down on our little part of the world; and Kent County has a bullseye on it. It's all good; Slugs LOVE Water!

Remember, this is not an organized, or official event; is not measured and will not qualify you for Boston. What it will do is give you a nice long run, with a few good folks; and if you're headed to JFK, a good buildup outing.

Please be at the Killens Pond Main Gate at 800 AM. Drive all the way into the back parking lot, and look around. Ten laps on the pond course will give you the opportunity to earn a Team Slug trinket; first timers a t-shirt. Will start by 830.

Aid will be sparse; please bring any food / medical stuffs / rain gear that you need to finish. Last Slug-Duck Wins!

Hope to see ya on Sat. john.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jeremy is at Basic Training;

If any of the olde folks would like to send him, or one
of his new best friends a postcard...

i'm sure he'd appreciate it. Most of you all remember the
fun of Basic.

Address is:

Harper, Jeremy 221
E. Co. 1/329th
5550 Leonard Drive
Fort Benning, Georgia


Nine Days to Go...

...til the RBC50K; and the entries aren't pouring in. But it's OK;
the Show Will Go On. Tenative Reports are surfacing that "The Great One"
is harassing the Hitman. This could be a very good year.
More details shortly.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Countdown is On...

The TSI 20th Anniversary Beer Steins are Ordered! Race information will be posted on this site in the next week to ten days. Lookin' forward to seeing a few of the Sluggos.
Happy Days,
flatfoot freddie