Monday, January 22, 2007

One Mister Phillip Hester..... the proud owner of a brand-new Slug name; conferred by "Pokey-Slug" herself...and she writes, " As the RD for the Fattest Butt and self-proclaimed most wonderful Slug namer in da' history of Slugdom, I, with the blessings of all slugs NEW and OLD, hereby declare you "Sir Sweet Cheeks." Use your name wisely....any un-sweetcheek behavior could result in immediate revocation of said name, and you will be unceremoniously rendered, 'Sir DooDoo Shoe'. " So heartiest of Congrats; brother phil; it is an honor to share da' trails with ya.... happiest of da' days forever, flattest foot freddie, suckin' SUN AND SUDS in key west.....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Congrats Dirt Diva on HURT 100K Finish!!!

TSI sends heartiest congrats to Catra, and all finisher's at the HURT 100 this weekend in Hawaii. The Dirt Diva continues to motivate and inspire all da' slugs. No doubt, she'll soon post a report on her blog (link on Slug homesite); which will be full of wonder and delight; and, will make me personally want to go outside and run. Thanks Catra!!! Also today; Brother Claude, TSI Hall of Fame 1993, posted the race application for the 2007 Crowder's Mountain Run in Gastonia, North Carolina. Please read the disclaimer carefully; "RFH/Team Slug reserves the right to refuse anyone who they don't like from running in this race. You know who you are. If you are offended by this application then you are too sensitive to run this course. It will probably be cold, raining, snowing, or something and you will probably fall. People fall and are killed yearly at Crowders. Usually it is a drunk trying to fly like Superman off one of the cliffs. I release all of those involved in the race from liability. I have been informed not to complain about the hills." Sluggos be careful, ultra-super-secret-society THE Slugs From Hell lose a couple of members a year down there. If this madness continues, who'll still be alive to buy da' beer. any-who; happiest of days, mr.clean.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Please send ALL POSITIVE VIBES Far West.... Catra and friends challenge H.U.R.T. (See link on TSI front page.) Here in the East planning has already begun for the 2007 RBC50K; now just 258 days away! The trail is currently under construction, and while the sleek, wooden handrails have failed to materialize; flattest foot freddie was down at da' guvner's house yesterday for a hoedown (beer and wings). Seems the guv agreed to allow TSI to erect a large butter carving of old john clark hisself out at the trailhead. So we're bringing in world-renowned dairy creamer Nikolov Aemilius, of Sofia, Bulgaria to begin the job. Chief Slug has agreed to trade two cases of Pete's Wicked Ale, and a half-dozen t-shirts for the butter. Which is all fine and dandy, 'cept this year da' hitmans chili will have to go. Rather we're bringing in about 15,000 ears of corn. That should satisfy demand. Of course all rules are subject to change! Hope all da' slugs, and all friends, all over the world are enjoying this beautiful saturday morning. happiest of days, mister clean.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Congrats to TSI's 2007 Fattest Butt Finishers!

Another Fat Butt in da' books old friends. Congrats to all who toed the line this morning in the Central Flats of Delaware. An unseasonably warm 73 degrees challenged the runners, and all responded with incredible efforts. A.J. Johnson of NJ, Jason Cooper of TN, and Ryan Carter of DC shared the win in 4:42:05. Top female in her ultra-debut was Katie Ka of PA. Crazy Horse went to Jason Mattis of PA in 7:11:46. A full report will be posted to in the next two days. happy trails, flatfoot freddie.

Friday, January 05, 2007

fattest butt favorite night of the year :)

from our fearless race director, the most-pokey slug, "hey, the guidedogs are ready and the blind squirrels are on their worst behavior, ready for tomorrow; see all in the a.m." and from the national weather service (and, i'm not making this up), "highs in the lower 70's." bring da' sunscreen, it's gonna get hott. finally, good news from ms katy and hubby. day do expect to be's here. happy days, flattest foot freddie.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I know it's 268 days away; but.....

...da' King Slug has been named FIRST OFFICIAL ENTRANT into the 2007 Russell B. Cheney 50K non-event here in the Central Plains of Delaware. Dat's mister rob powell has chosen to preside over the Great State of Ohio, and all its Slugs. Congrats, bro. The Final Countdown is on for 2007 Fattest Butt....everyone take a deep breath :) happy days, da' hitman.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year Slugs!!!

sluggos and future sluggos! the year is off to a great start here in the first state. sixty-five degrees and pouring rain most of the day. received a note today from eugene bruckert of illinois. he is the 22nd, and probably final victim into the 2007 fat butt field. to get in now will require a personal note from big bertha, and as bad as she's missing john clark; it ain't likely she'll write you one. final preparations are nearing completion; official tsi slug-shirts are in for all first-time sluggos, and official 2007 finisher's awards for current slugs will be picked up by wednesday. the course is receiving it's final comb-down, with bright orange markers and glow lights planted approximately every twelve yards. handrails are expected to be installed by friday afternoon --- barring any foul weather. we've never lost anyone yet, but in 1996 wrongway charlie became disoriented and ran all the way back to the maryland line. not this year! this year we will have a perfect non-event. fresh pondwater is being boiled, and two week old bread is being bargained for down at the local food shelter. remember, ya go over seven hours; you receive EXTRA CREDIT. see ya on saturday!