Sunday, May 13, 2007

finding peace up on Wolf Rock....

yesterday morning i climbed up onto Wolf Rock. and, i got to thinking about old friends, and how people come and go in our lives. most of the ones that are the deepest, that teach us the most, and that last the longest are those that usually come unexpectedly. friendship, it seems, is like love. you can't go out and find it. but, when you most need it, if you're really lucky, it finds you. and thats where i'm at in my life; looking back; recalling those special folks who came and went. some for weeks, some months, some years, and some continue to this day. and each one provided some blessing in my life. all taught me something, sometimes against my will; but in recollection as time goes by, it's easy to realize why they appeared when they did. so far in my life i've learned many important lessons, but none more important than this; if you can live gently in peace, live in love - loving and letting others love you, then, things always seem to work out. sometimes just not in the time frame that we desire. i've said it before on this blog, and i'll say it again. i don't believe anyone is reading this by accident. i don't believe in coincidence. you are here to receive a loving message, and if it's meant to be, then you will give in return. either way is ok. things are happening exactly as they are supposed to. so tonight my friends, go in peace and go in love.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TSI Congrats to all 10-day Runners...

New York Self-Transcendence 10 Day (12th annual) Race
at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Flushing, NY
April 25 to May 5, 2007

1.02 mi, loop, 99% paved bike path
Weather: 40F to 78F, some monster rain storms with serious flooding of paths

1. Petr Spacil, 29, Zlin, CZR 670
2. Glen Turner, 47, Louisville, CO USA 654
3. Pavel Seraz, 31, Komjatice, SLK 636
4. Trishul Cherns, 50, Middle Village, NY/ CAN 625
5. Bob Oberkehr, 52, Northvale, NJ USA 624
6. (1W) Surasa Mairer, 48, Salzburg, AUT 595
7. Vladimir Baltalsky, 35, Graz, AUT/ Ukr 566
8. Manfred Edinger, 45, Vienna, AUT 542
9. Igor Mudrik, 33, Vinnitsa, UKR 533
10. Garry Wise, 60, Yuendumu, NT, AUS 531

11. Sergey Sydenko, 34, Donetsk, UKR 531
12. Luis Rios, 59, Brooklyn, NY USA 525
13. (2W) Tatyana Jauk, 36, Graz, AUT 523
14. Christopher Muellauer, 34, Zurich, SUI 518
15. David Luljak, 51, Baltimore, MD, USA 517
16. (3W) Pratis. Khisamoutdinova, 63, RUS 507
17. (4W) Ingrid Kirschner, 41, Munich, GER 503
18. Frederick Davis III, 59, Bedford, OH USA 500
19. Zoran Marinkovic, 43, Leskovac, Serbia 493
20. (5W) Svitlana Samarina, 32, Kiev, UKR 486

21. Rastislav Ulicny, 26, Presov, SLK 481
22. (6W) Dorothea Vogeli, 43, Ettingen, SUI 478
23. Valentyn Ionov, 36, Kiev, UKR 472
24. Uwe Postler, 43, Innsbruck, AUT 472
25. (7W) Karina Ward, 31, Canberra, AUS 454

Monday, May 07, 2007

Mighty Frederick Marathon Team...ROCKS!

Congrats to Ms.Melanie Key and her "big" sister with a sweet 5:51:25;
and daddy Larry in 4:14:12; at the Frederick Marathon this past Sunday.
We are proud to consider them all "Slugs" of the highest caliber...
wishin' y'all well from Key West. Flatfoot Freddie

Slug News from Key West....

...hope all Spring-training and runs are going good for da' slugs...if ya saw message on front page, tis true; da' hitman is again di-verted. who knows when/where he'll show. in the mean-time all with TSI goes on. Rob Powell continues to send sweet messages of hope, as he preps for the RBC in Sept. joining him in that event will be Pokey Slug, Tony Creszendo, William from VA, Frank Schuetz, Gregory Calloway, Larry Macon, and Rick far. remember friends, we've got to cap it at 17; so if y'er interested in gettin' that black slug shirt; please get the apps in...from the far south, keyest westest; flattest foot freddie...