Saturday, May 27, 2006

Livin, Luvin, &Trippin' on da Rocks

I'm finally back out and runnin after fallin off a big rock and twistin my knee on Mt Mitchell. In my defense, the rock was wet. Not that I haven't fallen off a lot of dry ones too; over the years. Ms Pokey was out with me on the top-secret slug-training course as she continues to prep for her first ultra at RBC in Sept. I'm certain she'll be successful as she's one of the strongest, not necessarily fastest (and that is a very good thing), young runners I've met in a while. She is exceptionally patient and determined to finish, and all good endurance runners know that's about 99% of the battle. Today was a bit hot and humid, for May in the Mid-Atlantic, and working up a sweat was easy. We did a fine job of ploddin/sloggin & wobblin for about 12 miles, and hope to work up to 20 within the next 4-6 wks. The forested trail has begun to shrink and the spring foliage is in full green apparel, as even the frogs were out this morning admiring the beautiful season and jumping for joy. Applications continue to filter in for the fall race. Please keep in mind that our policy of selection is now, and always has been, at the whim of the race director. DO NOT SEND $$$$ WITH YOUR APP---you must be accepted. It's OK if you write to Ultrarunning Magazine and tell them and all your friends that TSI is mean and unfair. After all, it's not even a real race and we're certainly not trying to grow. In fact, the Running Man himself has threatened to disband TSI Worldwide if he sees another Slug Shirt on the Today Show. And with John Clark tenatively scheduled to appear; who knows what manner of varmint may come crawlin into the First State with him. We will keep the Official Entrants in the 15-20 range, however, we do encourage bandits. After all Bertha's Beau will probably be armed. Any more than 20 and the event takes on an aura of realness. And, for goodness sakes, we can't have that at TSI. happy days, da "if there's something to trip over i'll find it" hitman.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

TSI Race Filling Fast......

OK, OK; i've gotta interrupt my Key West sojourn, because ole' flatfoot freddies telling me TSI is getting a lot of e-mails about the Russell B. Cheney 50K coming up in September. Let me be perfectly clear, friends. This is not a real race, all you're gonna get is some stale bread, pond water, and a black slug shirt; and you must adhere to very stringent RULES. Though they are few---we are very serious about them. First, you must not quit. The only reason you will be allowed to drop is if you are d.e.a.d. OK, so that is our only rule. While i know several folks are already planning on coming thousands of miles; for no particular reason, this madness must stop. Surely you must have something better to do in the fall than come to Delaware. If you can't think of an excuse, then call John Clark directly; he has millions of them. In fact, he has helped me duck Big Butt for the last ten years. But one of these days, my brotha, Mr. Claude's gonna get me. We all know it's coming. Anyway, I hope all of you are having a fantastic running year. I really do. You know how much I luv da' slugs; but if this slug-mania continues I'm afraid Chief Slug will step in and take us back under-ground. from Duvall Street, where they Love Slug's; da' hitman

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

hitman eatin key lime pie on duvall street

just for da record; and so'se y'all don't get to worried. j-daddy is wit me in ole key west. don't worries ya pretty li'l heads off. i'se take care of em. me and mamma bear. he'd lyk to send his regards but can't seems to lift is head off da street ta talk. don't worries he's happy. seeyalls up northest in da fall. flatfoot freddie.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Big Ole Slug Sightin in Western Carolina

h-man sighting at milepost 148 near aronkatonk, north carolina (called in by ranger rick who observed black slug shirt being shredded by big ole black bear. dat's way out west in da hills. no doubt he's headed up mount mitchell. is so nice to sleep up there and awake abouve da clouds. y'all know how theese works; please help'm git home. i got lotsa stuff do to over heres in keywest. the feesh is bitin; and mamas hungry. gotta run; j-daddy if ya readin this in cherokee library give me a call. big berthas gots important qestiun. yo bro, ole flatfoot.