Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pokey / Grand-Poobah Promoted !!!

PhotobucketChief Slug Running Man has sent top-secret, slug-coded notice (via FedEx) to the East Coast Director of all Team Slug Operations that promotions have been approved. Pokey-Slug has been named President of all Delaware Slugs, and will be assisted by the Grand-Poobah of the Eastern Shore.

Pokey comes to the Slugs with outstanding slogging credentials, and a big heart. Unlike most of the Slugs she is highly-educated with a real job. As a biochemist she shares two thoughts. First, don't drink the water directly out of the Slug-pond. And second, Mexico makes fine tequila. Finally, Pokey is a Hokie. Now how ya gonna beat that!

The Grand-Poobah (due to ongoing numerous slug-names) appears to be ably following in the slug-tracks of one Mister John Clark, The man with a thousand nicknames, the famed overhand midnight bowler, the man with two much scalp and not enough hair. Yes, the same John Clark that shoved da'Hitman over a fifty foot sand bank in Virginia Beach so as to secure third place at the '94 Flatlander, and gain a coveted bottle of Jim Beam for himself. Dang we miss ole JC, and his gal-pal
Big Bertha.

Salaries and benefits have not been made public, however it is suspected that the compensation package includes lots of Dogfish Head Ale, and Ginger Brandy. Expect more information to follow in the weeks and months ahead. Regardless of Ranger Rick, an abundance of sea-salt, and absolute disregard for any moral decency, the Slugs appear to have gained a foothold, and should be leaving a slimy trail through the First State for years to come.

From Key West (where da'fishins good, and the beer is cold)
Flattest Foot Freddie.

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