Monday, November 27, 2006

too much bloggin...but the good news keeps comin'

ok, friends; we've had three more entrants confirmed for fattest butt in the past 24 hrs. and, they are each highly honorable and kind slugs, and a few of the people that i like best in the whole world. are you all sitting down??? yes, james and rebecca have confirmed that they will return in january for the fattest butt!!! d'oldest of d'old sluggos. the originals, the birthday track runners, yee-haw, da' all- nighter, and his childbride, my favorite sluggette; will be here, again. and, they will be joined by delaware ultrarunner #1 (and a slug-in-good-standing), making his second consecutive fatt butt start, mr. db. so now it's gettin serious; if ya see da' hitman, tells him to get on home...we gotta start marking the course by christmas....happy days, flatfoot freddie...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

ellie hamilton in !!!!

i've called da' hitman and he said go head and let da' ellie monster in; do i don't know her/him.
any-who; field is shapin up way too good, and da slugs will be roollllin in jan.
sendin all peace and da'love; happiest of days, flattest foot freddie....

fear and loathing in dover, delaware!!!

"Greetings Team Slug, my name is Chris Palazzi from New York state, via IRAQ, and i will be joining you in the Fattest Butt on January 6th. I hail from NY and this will be my first 50k race. Do you have any idea of the elevation gain?"
ed; brother chris the great of new york, and an iraqi veteran; my friend, you will be welcome no matter what shoes you are wearing. don't worry about the elevation or the distance. we WILL get you to the finish line; don't expect it to be pretty!
SLUGS; brother dave has entered! let's keep it under 10!
hitman due back on december 30th.....happy days, flatfoot freddie!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Congrats all Slug-finishers at JFK

I'm not sure where da' hitman is; probably in deep florida with no shoes and semi-intoxicated, but he ain't here. Any-who, congrats to all the TSI finishers, and ALL finishers, at JFK yesterday. What a great group of folks. While TSI remains as unorganized today, as it was 17 years ago in Virginia Beach; it does remain a "state of mind" and a philosophy of not only finishing, but a philosophy of friendship. We appreciate every single one of you beautiful folks who have crossed our path. Now please, if anyone sees john; please send him back north. The Fattest Butt is now only 47 days away!!! happy days, flattest foot freddie....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

happy veteran's day; one day late!

a special thanks to all the veterans out there. it is a privilege to have you all show up at the slug events, and not only participate; but become lifelong slugs. all here in key west is great! da' hitman is again missing, haven't seen him for nearly a month, but no doubt he'll be back for the parade next weekend. i got a nice note from taz, who will be hosting a south carolina fat ass on 12/10. there's a link on the slug, upcoming race page; if you're interested. also, we're just under two months until the team slug fattest butt in the first state. all else is quiet.... from the southernmost point in the united states of america.....flatfoot freddie