Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Mighty Empress Speaks...

from the Great Pacific Northwest;
and remember; no matter what she says...we'll write whatever we want. mostly, it will be partly true...

Hey Slugs-

how is it going......? well, the President of the Geoduck Slugs and I attempted to do the simultaneous 50K on your birthday. we even got up at
4:30 am....ate some poached goose eggs on toast...and headed out the door;

runnin' here on the west coast is much easier than the famed slug grounds on the eastern shore. how anyone ever finishes in delaware is beyond me. did anyone get bit by a rabid woodchuck this year???

Anyhoot- we stumbled / bumbled / and ginger brandied our way along...until finally, the Great Geoduck President said, " screw it ".... and finished at 18 miles only because we
got lost in "woodpecker" alley (Really) for 3 miles.... otherwise we
would have been right there with Pokey! damn Flicker Woodpeckers I
have the photo to prove we were on Flicker lane.... which very well
may have been.... Private Property !!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

anyway, when I get a chance I will send the Flicker lane pics, and the cool
black slug I avoided smashing on my bike....

we miss all the sluggos except for Hitman; don't mention it too him, but i think he may be a trouble-maker.

From Washington State,

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hey All...and Carl...

...if ya read this, shoot me an email at teamslug@comcast.net
i recently had a computer issue / involving mail and website...
and lost a lot of contacts.
Carl; Sorry bout missin' the 100; it went right over my head...
i wanted to be there!
Talk to ya Soon.