Friday, November 28, 2008

Maybe the Grand Poo Bah is right ...

... and there is a conspiracy to rid the Ultra-world of Slugs .... I found this posted on a "Remove Unwanted Pests" site.

-Get rid of hideouts, like old pots, debris piles, and long grass, where slugs seek shelter when the weather turns sunny and warm.
-Break out the S.W.A.T. team! Squish slug eggs. Use a shovel to cut slugs in half or maybe you can even squash them barehanded. Or stomp on them.
-Drown the dastardly drunks in beer traps. Slugs will blissfully dive into partially filled cans of beer pushed into the soil, plunging to their deaths. Or cut a hole two inches above the bottom of a paper cup. Fill with one inch of beer and place near plants.

If we're pushed out; we'll turn to China. We've already infiltrated Beijing, and the National Chinese Slug leader estimates that the Inaugural Team Slug Marathon in Beijing will attract more starters than London. What this will do to T-shirt sales is unknown...However, we're definitely gonna need more volunteers at the Finish Line.

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Craig said...

I will be there on the 4th at the Pond with bells on.
(to keep the snakes away and have Mrs Santa find me if I get lost)

But I will not be able to go to China.

I say we run this non-race, no leader event (with no directions) in formation in Honor of our Service Men and Women while our fearless leader is with his son.

Maybe wear something like camo or red white and blue bandana, M16 or carry a flag not that slugs have arms..after 31 miles.

Army boots and 50lb pack may be a bit much, but hey if you need a bigger challenge!!!

It will be kinda like that movie with Dan Murray only we will not have the Urban Assault Vehicle.

just an idea but I will be there if at all possible to attempt Slugdom.

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