Friday, November 14, 2008

Fattest Butt 2009 is POSTPONED...

The TSI Fattest Butt is postponed. That weekend i will be accompanying my son back to Ft. Lee where he is stationed for AIT.
Of course the park is open; and any/all would still be welcome to come out and log the miles; i will award the Slug Shirt to any first times who decide to come. Happy Days, John.

CONGRATS JEREMY; graduated from Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning, Georgia on 12/13/2008.



Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Thank you JEREMY! for your service for us.

John, if you pick a new date this may allow for me to redajust a race or something and to come up.

Rob Powell

Craig said...

Congrates to your AIRMAN!
I will be there 4Jan for my first attempt at an ultra and to meet up with other slugs or want-to-bes who still want to run amucke. I'll bring some bananas and extra water.
Maybe I can hit the postponement rescheduled date when you are there to fight off Nessy motivate me to go slower and back off some. Have a safe enjoyable trip.


Bluedog said...

John, This is an old friend from your days on the peninsula in Virginia. I certainly echo the gratitude of others for Jeremy's service to our country. Speaking of former days, when was the 2003 Team Slug 50K? Thanks and Happy trails