Friday, November 07, 2008

King Slug Checks in....from Ohio :)

I am hosting first race. Because it is a "race" I did not see it fit to be a
true Slug event. I feel as though that there is some way to slugtize this
event and I am open for options of scaring away many of the runners when
they hear that King Slug is in charge. Check out the site and let me know. Love to place Team Slug as one of my
sponsors and to place the logo on the back of the shirt under logos section.
This will cost Team Slug one dried up bull frog from the pond so I can set
on my desk for future admiration. I figure when I get a real slug event I
will work with you on calling it the first Ohio Race.

But onto more important things:

But most importantly: I am prepared to offer Pokey Slug a comped entry to my
race April 19th, 2009 and would like to officially invite her if she is not
already signed up to run in Umstead again or some other adventure trail race
now that she has completed a 50 miler. This is only because she represented
the true meaning of a Slug in my humble opinion and after all she made UR
magazine. How cool was that?

Ok Ok, I need to clarify a few items of business. I have scraped and skimmed
enough pennies from my couch and drank one lass beer per week to save the

3 Jan 09 PHUNT50K Trail Dawgs in MD

4 Jan 09 TSI Fattest Butt 50K in DE
Suppose that I was to come and try to do two doubles will I be valued enough
to get a trucker hat if I drink a beer of your choice in my slug coffee mug
the last loop around the pond or maybe just drinking beer and not starting
the race....? So may options. If I planned such an adventure would there be
fear that the great state of DE would blow the bridge if they heard that
some Ohio Slug was venturing back into the 1st state?

Prez of Ohio Sluggos, (me and don)

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