Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Unofficial unofficial Fattest Butt Non-Event('09 Version)

See Below; Derek reports that he will be on the Slug grounds on Saturday the 4th of Jan ... any attending first timers will receive the Official Slug Shirt, if Derek says you "earned" it. If you wanna alert him of your intentions, shoot me a note, and I'll forward it to him...Good Luck!

g'morning john,

yeah, i'll be there. i can promise that everyone there will be running faster than me--i'm shootin for an 8 hour finish (good aerobic basebuilding). maybe i should just curl up next to the hibernating pit vipers?
should be a good time. i think we'll have a nice collection of rabble rousers.

have a great time down in VA!

merry christmas and happy new years to you and your family!


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