Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year Slugs!!!

sluggos and future sluggos! the year is off to a great start here in the first state. sixty-five degrees and pouring rain most of the day. received a note today from eugene bruckert of illinois. he is the 22nd, and probably final victim into the 2007 fat butt field. to get in now will require a personal note from big bertha, and as bad as she's missing john clark; it ain't likely she'll write you one. final preparations are nearing completion; official tsi slug-shirts are in for all first-time sluggos, and official 2007 finisher's awards for current slugs will be picked up by wednesday. the course is receiving it's final comb-down, with bright orange markers and glow lights planted approximately every twelve yards. handrails are expected to be installed by friday afternoon --- barring any foul weather. we've never lost anyone yet, but in 1996 wrongway charlie became disoriented and ran all the way back to the maryland line. not this year! this year we will have a perfect non-event. fresh pondwater is being boiled, and two week old bread is being bargained for down at the local food shelter. remember, ya go over seven hours; you receive EXTRA CREDIT. see ya on saturday!

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