Saturday, January 13, 2007

Please send ALL POSITIVE VIBES Far West.... Catra and friends challenge H.U.R.T. (See link on TSI front page.) Here in the East planning has already begun for the 2007 RBC50K; now just 258 days away! The trail is currently under construction, and while the sleek, wooden handrails have failed to materialize; flattest foot freddie was down at da' guvner's house yesterday for a hoedown (beer and wings). Seems the guv agreed to allow TSI to erect a large butter carving of old john clark hisself out at the trailhead. So we're bringing in world-renowned dairy creamer Nikolov Aemilius, of Sofia, Bulgaria to begin the job. Chief Slug has agreed to trade two cases of Pete's Wicked Ale, and a half-dozen t-shirts for the butter. Which is all fine and dandy, 'cept this year da' hitmans chili will have to go. Rather we're bringing in about 15,000 ears of corn. That should satisfy demand. Of course all rules are subject to change! Hope all da' slugs, and all friends, all over the world are enjoying this beautiful saturday morning. happiest of days, mister clean.

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