Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho; Merry Christmas, One and All !!!

Now i realize that y'er Sluggo's and probably weren't too good this year; which means Santa may have left ya' coal, instead of a new pair of Brooks Beasts. Any-who relax, and repent; try harder in 2007. And, what better way to start than another Fat Butt. We currently have 21 confirmed entrants, but if ya just feelin' that ya need that black shirt, shoot us a request for entry; no doubt not all of the confirmed entrants will be sobered up by January 6th. In all sincerity; i have received confirmation that da'hitman hisself will be present for fattest butt. no word yet on john d. clark. keep yer fingers crossed. finally, for me-self, the tsi executive board, AND all sluggos everywhere; THANKS for the beautiful memories, and loving friendships. SLUGS ROCK! happy days, flatfoot freddie.

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