Sunday, January 14, 2007

Congrats Dirt Diva on HURT 100K Finish!!!

TSI sends heartiest congrats to Catra, and all finisher's at the HURT 100 this weekend in Hawaii. The Dirt Diva continues to motivate and inspire all da' slugs. No doubt, she'll soon post a report on her blog (link on Slug homesite); which will be full of wonder and delight; and, will make me personally want to go outside and run. Thanks Catra!!! Also today; Brother Claude, TSI Hall of Fame 1993, posted the race application for the 2007 Crowder's Mountain Run in Gastonia, North Carolina. Please read the disclaimer carefully; "RFH/Team Slug reserves the right to refuse anyone who they don't like from running in this race. You know who you are. If you are offended by this application then you are too sensitive to run this course. It will probably be cold, raining, snowing, or something and you will probably fall. People fall and are killed yearly at Crowders. Usually it is a drunk trying to fly like Superman off one of the cliffs. I release all of those involved in the race from liability. I have been informed not to complain about the hills." Sluggos be careful, ultra-super-secret-society THE Slugs From Hell lose a couple of members a year down there. If this madness continues, who'll still be alive to buy da' beer. any-who; happiest of days, mr.clean.

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Catra said...

Hey Freddy-

Thanks for the nice words..You slugs all rock and I love you all!
Glad I can motivate you.
Big hugs,