Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I know it's 268 days away; but.....

...da' King Slug has been named FIRST OFFICIAL ENTRANT into the 2007 Russell B. Cheney 50K non-event here in the Central Plains of Delaware. Dat's mister rob powell has chosen to preside over the Great State of Ohio, and all its Slugs. Congrats, bro. The Final Countdown is on for 2007 Fattest Butt....everyone take a deep breath :) happy days, da' hitman.

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Anonymous said...

The joy to know that the lake of Killen's pond is waiting on me.

How or what I am going to do to get across the vast ocean toll bridge I do not know...

I guess I will maybe swim across it with my running gear strapped to my back. Maybe, I will resort to a Boston Lager and a cabin in the woods to recover.

Good luck to those 6 Jan 2007 TSI Fattest Butt 50K Central Delaware runners! I will be there in spirit. I will make sure I post a picture of the Team Slug T-Shirt completion at my FA 50k.

See you at the 2007 RBC 50K on 9/29

"King Slug"
Pres. OHIO Sluggo's

Rob “Buckeye” Powell