Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fattest Butt UN-Postponed ???

Merry Solstice!

I have heard from some very unrealiable sources that there are plans for a Fat turnout at the Fattest Butt this year, even though it was officially postponed. I guess the call of the slug is strong in some or they are just way too crazy for words. I did my best to weave the tales of the pit viper, the hungry deer, even the stroeis of the pond monster cannot get them to turn away. I guess it would be futile to talk of the Blind Flying Squirrels, it seems they have made up their minds. I guess I will do my best to hold down the fort in your place. I promise to take down all the handrails on Saturday night, lay water down to make ice traps, and, of course, to taunt the pond monster. I am sure there will be some good stories out of this year's fattest butt. Have no fear, Down and Durty and I have plans to take the crazy horse and share the 2009 spoils.

Hope you have a great Holiday!

Prez Pokey Slug

ED: Some of our best memories have been made at Postponed Non-Events :) God Bless All da' Slugs at this Wonderful Tyme of the Year ... The Unofficial Black 100% Cotton TSI Shirt will be available for First Time Sluggos; Let me know what ya need, I'll diggem' out.

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