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Redeye 50k Trail Run

Sluggo's Alive and Well in the Commonwealth of Virginia !!!

January 1, 2009
8:00 AM
Triangle, VA

We will start at 8 AM. Real wussy. You can sleep in.

REDEYE 50K (13th Year) [NOTE: For many years, Team Slug, primarily Dan Grayson, Bill Sublett, and James Moore, put on the much-loved Redeye 50km on New Year's Day. Team Slug has allowed Gary Knipling and me to do it. So the Redeye is on. Unlike in the Team Slug days, the aid station will be totally unmanned and there will be absolutely no finishers awards. (Team Slug used to have creative, goofy finishers awards.) Otherwise it is the same. Remember that the tradition is to bring good, greasy food to share. --Anstr]

WHEN: 1 January 2009, Starting Time 8:00 a.m.

WHERE: Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, Virginia. Take the Triangle/Quantico exit (Exit 150-B) off I-95 (about 25 miles south of D.C.) and follow the signs to the park, which is just west of the freeway. Enter the park (right turn) and make the first left. Follow this road about 2 miles and turn left toward Turkey Run (watch for the sign). In about one half mile, turn right into Turkey Run Campground and follow this road to the parking lot at the end - this is the start/finish. You will need to pay the National Park Service entrance fee on the way out. We believe the fee is $5 for a car or $3 if you walk in unless you have a NPS pass. Note: If the weather bottoms out (Ice and Snow) and the Park Service closes the roads, we will meet in the parking lot near the park entrance by the visitor's center and work out a modified course so everyone can get some miles in.

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