Monday, September 22, 2008

RBC 50 K on 9/27.

OK, we're here again; and nearly back to our roots. Expecting just a handful of hearty souls, and some wet weather. Appears a coastal storm is bearing down on our little part of the world; and Kent County has a bullseye on it. It's all good; Slugs LOVE Water!

Remember, this is not an organized, or official event; is not measured and will not qualify you for Boston. What it will do is give you a nice long run, with a few good folks; and if you're headed to JFK, a good buildup outing.

Please be at the Killens Pond Main Gate at 800 AM. Drive all the way into the back parking lot, and look around. Ten laps on the pond course will give you the opportunity to earn a Team Slug trinket; first timers a t-shirt. Will start by 830.

Aid will be sparse; please bring any food / medical stuffs / rain gear that you need to finish. Last Slug-Duck Wins!

Hope to see ya on Sat. john.

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