Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Countdown is On...

The TSI 20th Anniversary Beer Steins are Ordered! Race information will be posted on this site in the next week to ten days. Lookin' forward to seeing a few of the Sluggos.
Happy Days,
flatfoot freddie


Forest Gump said...
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Forest Gump said...

The count down is on! Training in earnest. Yesterday a client called and said he had seen me running. He said I was going very slow and it looked more like a combination of walking and dying. So be it. I've been taking the abuse and I don't care. Friends used to honk when they drove past me on the road but they've all stopped fearing they may initiate some kind of trauma. Any way, Team NJ will be there and strong. I heard AJ is buying rib eyes for all of us. I'm bringing steak and potatoes just in case he welches. Oh, and did he mention that we almost crashed on the Deleware Memorial Bridge coming home from the last Slug Fest? My leg cramped so bad that it got stuck on the accelerator. We eventually pulled over somewhere on Route 55. I rolled out of the truck onto the shoulder of the road. I think he was laughing at me but I couldn't hear over the noise of my own screams. So ugly that it still brings tears to my eyes. I'm better prepared this year. Can somebody bring a kiddie pool and some ice? I would like to take a nice bath before I sink my teeth into those rib eyes. Keep the faith! Forest