Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congrats to 2008 RBC 50K Finishers...


RBC 50K, Dover, DE, 9/27/08
11 Starters

1. A.J.Johnson 4:44
2. Ryan Setlock 4:59
2. Jason Setlock 4:59
4. Derek Hills 5:50
5. John Lysinger 5:52
5. Pat Starkey 5:52
7. Jim Simpson 7:01
8. Jeff Holloway 7:20

A.J. Johnson once again led the field through the driving rain, muck, and disorder on this swampy day in the Central Forests of the Great First State. While the Tree-Diving Pit Vipers appeared to be on hiatus; the Hornets were not. We had three runners stung, and several others chased to new PR's.

Special congrats to Ryan Setlock and Pat Starkey for completing their first ever ultramarathon. They each held their own, smiling and enjoying life, on a very messy day. Representing Russell B. Cheney himself; and hailing from the State of California, Mr.Jim Simpson ran a steady even pace. Immediately following the non-event, he grabbed a rain-soaked cheeseburger and pointed the landcruiser directly for Vermont, where he'll enjoy another 50K tomorrow morning. Jeff Holloway fell behind early; and was never challenged as he nabbed the coveted Crazy Horse Award.

Life is good in the First State, and we're thankful for the continued friendships that we share. Be patient with us as we navigate through Team Slug website issues. It's a well known fact that Slugs are Techno-Impaired. May be time to call in the Professionals. Hope to see some of you the first weekend of the New Year; as the Slugs again step into the Forbidden Forest in pursuit of a Fattest Butt finish...

Happy Days,


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