Monday, September 29, 2008

Fattest Butt set for Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Dear Hunt, Phil, Insane Pete...

Team Slug has chosen to quit advertising runs in the First State; we've already done the same in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia.
We're not trying to expand operations; or entice more runners. In fact, we attempt to discourage participation at every opportunity.
Still, a handful of the Deranged continue to show. I understand coming once; the Shirt is Cool; but why anyone ever comes back is beyond me.

So we're not committed to any particular day. I've gone ahead and posted Sunday, January 4th on the site.

Keep in mind; The Fewer the Better. If it's Pokey, Me, Derek and Pete; and a bottle of Ginger Brandy...So it is.
More Booze for us.

And, remember TSI doesn't run "fancy pants" Trail Dawg events. No. We're basically just gonna line up and go. We're highly disorganized, and not likely to improve in the near future.
There will be No Aid, No Whining, No Fee... I might not even count the Laps right if I don't want ya back.
Even more; I might get drunk on Saturday and not even show up... But, the Run will go On.
There will be no application; because this will be a non-event; Ranger Rick really don't like Slugs.
I am not making this up; Just ask Pete...or John S...or Carl....We Are very difficult to Work with.

Finally, this is a Very Easy Run. Ten laps around a Pond. Mostly All Downhill. There is really No good Reason Not to Finish.
We keep it goin' fer the fifty staters; and those who just want to finish an "ultra"...and i use that term loosely.
Please tell any of your folks doing the PHUNT50K on Saturday, wanting to finish the Double to e-mail me at ....

Happy Days,

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Craig said...

Stump’s Marathon started Sunday at seven.
When I got lost in the deep dark woods, I prayed to God in Heaven…

For twelve miles was all I planned to have ran
But now I was lost into being a marathon man.

God soon answered my prayers with Mike and Bob who knew the trail well?
We ran together, laughing so hard, it’s no wonder none of us fell.

See Mike and Bob were long good friends,
Where the beer never stops and the stories never end.

At mile twenty we got lost.
We ran around, not figuring the cost.

As these extra miles would haunt us soon,
We ran out of water, as Bob howled to the moon.

We finally found a trail marker near the White Clay Creek?
So now we picked up the pace, no longer lost geeks.

We were now trail marathoners, tried and true,
Running hard through the trees and the mud like glue.

Crossing waist high creeks without any fins,
We run these things never hoping to win.

We endure scraps, bee stings and ticks,
And get stabbed in the feet by rocks and sharp sticks!

But to run in God’s forests so beautiful and so cool,
It restores a one's soul to sweat and to drool.

To run hard as one can for 26, 28, or 31 point Two?
The prize is the scenery and to finish, which took us until 2!

Stumpy gave us our medals - a rock, still wet from the creek,
As we loosened the laces of the shoes of some very sore feet.

Now this run was in training for a cold Ultra with Slugs
For that infamous T- shirt and maybe a cold Slug mug?

So I’d like acknowledge that I will be there early with Kevlar gators,
To fend off the snakes and impress those fast out-of-staters!