Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TSI Booty Rumble...approaching quickly!!!

June 21st, 2008 8:30 am Delaware's World Famous Slug running grounds. Gates open at 8am and the park closes at Dusk.In staters it'll coast $3.00 to get in, out of towners $6.00.

We have 7 confirmed victims, leaving us 9 slots for other takers. There is a 25K and a 50K, only 50Kers will be able to purchase the world famous Black Slug Shirt. All participants, however, can purchase, a one of a kind Booty Rumble Shirt that is being designed by a famous street artisit, Scrappy McG. Those who want shirts will have to pre-order no later than June 1st and the cost of those shirts will be 12 dollars. Remember that this is a toal nonevent, so don't go saying anything to Ranger Rick about a "race".

Also, we don't want any fancy fast runners, so don't break 4:00 for the 50K, we will release the hungry blind squirrels on you. No complaining or we'll throw you to the pond monster. Please confirm your victim status to Prez Pokey Slug at toxichokie@aol.com . A List with names will be posted shortly.

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