Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For the Record; TSI denies ....

any official involvement in recent "illicit moon pie activities" in Illinois. Article below refers to olde Slug that was ex-communislimed in 1995. TSI declines to go into detail, but it is a fact that this feller was involved in the infamous Coconut-covered marshmallow attack on Ranger Rick at Seashore State Park in the Fall of 1994.

King Slug
Columbus, Ohio.

Slug held in alleged Moon Pie attack

May 26, 2008


GALESBURG, Ill. -- Police in Galesburg say a homeless man is spending the holiday weekend in jail after allegedly attacking an 74-year-old man with a box of Moon Pies.

The elderly man told police he was on his way out of a dollar store on Friday when he felt something striking him repeatedly in the back. He said he turned around and saw that 59-year-old Michael Wojcik, wearing only a black Slug-shirt, was hitting him with something inside a yellow plastic bag.

The victim went back inside the store, and Wojcik followed him, whereupon the staff called police. Officers determined that the weapon was a one-dollar box of Moon Pies, which they confiscated as evidence before taking Wojcik to the Snail County Jail on a battery charge.

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Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

This may not be the right actions of a slug to take. I do not want any of you slugs to follow what you read on the internet. It is all fiction and never occurred.

Or Did it?

Moon Pies anyone?.........