Friday, May 09, 2008

Pond Water is Tastee...

Pokey Slug,

I have to officially protest the timing of your fine event. I am rather upset that I was not able to utilize my god given talent of developing illogical excuses of why I can not be there. Normally, TSI events are held on dates that I have absolutely nothing going on and I have to plan reasons to hide my fear of being one of those missing runners, forced to eat cake, drive across a freaking large bridge or even to drink that pond water The Hitman calls aid station materials.

While I will be attempting the Mohican 100 I wanted to make sure that is is well advised that I will do my 50k in Ohio slug style.

King Slug

Editor's Note: Just a quick liability disclaimer (TSI is not responsible). Drinking the pond water, or eating Hitman's cake is done at your own risk. While some have tried it; and miraculously gone on to finish, it is usually accomplished with severe, or even dangerous complications. You drink this parasitic stuff and you'll be prayin' for giardiasis. In fact, rumours remain that "Wrongway Charlie" continues to suffer DT's related to some First State Swamp Water. Additionally, The missing runner claim is probably not fair. We've not actually ever lost anyone...but, there is a fair chance that some may tried to wade through one of the sucking muddholes; lost a shoe, a major article of clothing, or a body part, and chose not to finish. Then they hop in their buggies, and limp on back to from where-ever they came. Naturally we never hear from them again.

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