Thursday, May 01, 2008

Never give up on Anyone ... Never !!!

Many of you know that I'm working as a mental health counselor, and spend most of my days talking to others about their lives; their thoughts, dreams, and issues. A vast majority of these folks are chronically mentally ill, and often cast aside in the sleek, ultra-modern, fast-paced world that we share. They are often confused, distressed, or even outright psychotic. Wandering through their days, lost in the confusion of our modern existence. And yet, through all this despair, I'm often confronted with joy, peace, and love. Pure hearts, sharing wonders that most of us take for granted. A sunny spring day, or an afternoon thunderstorm. Small snippets of wisdom, giant desires to be heard; and believed in. Such is my life today. Keeping the faith, in all of humanity around me. Sharing time and space with so much beauty, so much kindness. I love this season, a time of change. For friends, olde and new; I treasure each of you, and hold for all a special place in my heart. Enjoy your days, time is precious. j.

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