Sunday, March 16, 2008

TSI in Delaware Today Magazine



AJ Johnson said...

Hey John,

Glad to see you made the paper! Usually when I make the paper it is something bad. Anyway, my wife always says that I'm much nicer after I run, thanks to those endomorphins. In fact, she now encourages me to run; does that mean I'm not nice? Your brain actually releases chemicals that are very similiar to the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, after prolonged exercise. A legal way of getting high I say. Hope all is well with you and all the sluggos. I'm training for the Vermont 100, and more importantly, the RBC 50K. I want a stein! I will also be bringing back Jeff Holloway and probably a couple more victims that I have mentored (ie: coerced and harassed). Also, are any Slugs out there doing the Ocean Drive Marathon? I'll be doing that and if the weather is OK I'll be doing what I call the OD Double. Run from the finish to the start and then run back. Got to get in some 50 milers before the Vermont 100. Take care and hope to see everyone out on the trail soon.

AJ Johnson

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Careful Brother John,

We have hidden you in the great first state to keep those who may want to dismantle the Slug Envy from ever finding some key parts to the Slug Nations. Hence all the secrete code names.

Do you think making the paper is really such a good idea? Now Clint Eastwood will drop in on you when you’re running in the woods via his helicopter.