Monday, March 10, 2008

Congrats to Sistah "Poke"

Dear Bro "Da,"

Hoping that all is well with you in the flats of central Delmarva.

I am well, although disappointed that travel overseas caused me to miss
both the Geo Washington's Birthday Marathon and the Seneca Greenway
Marathon/50K. I am especially chagrined by the latter, since I was not
there to run with Sistah "Poke" and congratulate her coming over the
finish line.

I have since tried my best to redeem myself by completing the Lower
Potomac Marathon, paying my penance by running a good part of the
distance with a head-wind as stiff as the drinks quaffed by some of our
fellow bros and sistahs in Slugdom. Whether that suffering will carry
any weight with Poke, I cannot say.

Since I do not have her email address (and don't know whether she will
even communicate with her bro for not being there at Seneca Greenway),
please pass along my Sluggish congratulations and promise that - one of
these days - we'll actually COMPLETE the same race. Regrets and
congrats (to Poke) and regards to you both, Bro "Sir SC"

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