Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wide-Bottom Checks in!!!

Yesterday we had 77 degrees in Dover, Delaware. In early March. Absolutely incredible weather, and perfect for being outside and running. Early this morning I was back to Killen's for for some Slug-training; and enjoyed the company of Pokey. She's not an actual Slug yet; but well on her way. We had a good 2 1/2 hr workout and did some real sweating. Maybe a sign of things to come here in the mid-Atlantic. Also received a note from my favorite Connecticut Slug, Ole' Wide-Bottom himself, and he says, "It's me, ole wide bottom and proud new slug. I saw your name on the entry list for Seneca Creek so I signed up too. However I forgot that I should be sluggish DURING the run and not BEFORE the race. Consequently, having thought the run started at 8:30 instead of 8:00, I was late getting to the start area and almost missed the start. Is that a quality of a new slug or what? Anyway, I was too late to find you beforehand and didn't see you at the end. Did you run? Although not as nice as yours, it was a really nice run, until I sprained my ankle twice. But except for the last 11 miles with the sore ankle, I really enjoyed myself. There is something about thistrail stuff that's addicting. If I were smart, I'd take my weak ankles and sorry butt back to the pavement, where all I'd have to dodge were cars and 18 wheelers. But alas, no one ever accused me of being smart. So if my quads recover from Boston, I'm hoping to see you at Trail Dawgs." Sounds like he's doing great and we're surely looking for him at Russell B. Cheney 50K here in September. Well friends, as stated, Springs seem to have sprung. Hope you all are running good and enjoying your time here on Earth. happy days, john.

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