Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Six-Month Countdown to RBC50K

Yes, it's true. Just six months until we do it again. This year it's the Russell B. Cheney 50K. While some of you may not know Russell yet, you will; and believe me he's worth the wait. This 65 years (in the Fall) young Californian has it all; brains, talent, beauty, and a pair of sandals. Incredibly, he won the Crazy Horse Award in his very first TSI event, the John Clark 50K last October. The next several months I will share some of his "life history" with you all. This is Team Slug's Sixteen Year of the Fall Birthday Run. We have had starting fields ranging from four to fourteen. Though in 1997 when we had 14 finishers, one of the volunteers, The Fabulous Flatfoot Freddie (now retired from movement), jumped in the race and "officially" finished well after dark. In fact, he was finished well before he started :) This year we may have to let a few extra folks in. We'll see how it goes. Remember friends, as with all TSI runs, this is a non-event. I absolutely refuse to tell Ranger Rick. He's still upset about the Maple Syrup and Marshmallows, but that's another story. RBC50K's most recent entrant, Ms. Angela from Nashville writes, "Just wait until I tell my non-running friends that in order to run 31 miles, all I have to do is take an original Nashville, TN shotglass to Delaware and become the first-ever Nashville Slug. If they've ever thought I was crazy before, now they're going to help pad my room and starch my white shirt with the long sleeves that tie in the back." Oh, Angela you are going to make a Super-Slug. Another entrant, Charles from Glendale, CA adds, "I know I am out of my senses to be planning on traveling 3,000 miles to run a 50K non-event. I even went further out of my senses by informing the "50-States Club" & the "Marathon Maniacs" that I was planning on running it so they could link it to their site and inform any others who have lost their mind. " You know I've really come to love Californians over the years. There are a hardy bunch of folks out there. So that's the latest news from the mountains of Central Delaware. I hope each of you are enjoying a healthy and prosperous Spring running season. happy days, john.

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