Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring is on the Way!

I spent yesterday out running around the lake. This time of the year it's very beautiful in the woods. The buds are exploding out of their winter slumber; the squirrels, rabbits, and occasional deer are snooping around looking for breakfast, and the air is fresh. Now is when the runner/plodder/slugger reaps the benefit of healthy lungs and powerful legs. Even if you've added a few extra pounds over the winter, the body is still determined to move; and to breathe in the upcoming season. As the years have gone by, i've become less competitive and now find my pleasures in much simpler things. No longer do i need to "place" in my age group. It's nice and all to win -- or be noticed, but today real happiness is brought to me by those old/new friends that surround me. Especially seeing them discover the true joy of continual forward movement. So this is where we are. The perfect season. I hope each of you are thankful today and every day for each breath. I appreciate all the support for Team Slug over the years and the kindness and friendship that has been shared by thousands of like-minded souls. This week as you step out that door for your run, say a quick prayer to your Higher Being, and remember how fortunate we all are. happy days, john.

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