Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dirty Girl Gaitors Rock!!!

Hi Friends / Fellow Slugs-Sluggettes; just checking in for the weekend. Spring training continues here in the mid-Atlantic amid typical Spring weather. Day to day; 80 degrees to 40 degrees, with the only constant being dryness. Definitely the worst is behind us here---and the warmth is trying hard to seep in. Once the rains start it'll be yard mowing time. In slug-running news; I received my Dirty Girl Gaiters from another one of California's Hottest Slugs, Ms. Xy Weiss. They're awesome, hot pink and black; my two favorite colours :) Please check out the link on the TSI front page, and if you're in the market for gaiters these are the way to go. I'll be sporting them at a Trail Dawg event later this Spring. I hope each of you are enjoying peace and health. happy days, john.

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