Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I know, I know, I know...

...and the complaints continue to pour in regarding the block "flatfoot freddie" has put on blog comments. and most of the one's that get through, never see the light of day. slugs, it has to be this way; you have no idea who/what we're dealing with here. wrong-way charlie is still being closely watched by the cia/fbi/foreign services, and most everything he writes to tsi could easily be construed a threat to national security. the man has issues. and he's one of the more sane slugs; except for the time he was peeled off the white house (yes, the Real One) fence in his slug shirt (unceremoniously, losing his running shorts in the process)....very, unfortunately true, story... and, i have hundreds of those stories...though not all are absolutely true. but all are exactly as i remember...and i've lots of pics to prove it.

so life and time passes by. i get lots of emails (teamslug@comcast.net) from olde sluggos. most have become very goode at finding something else to do (besides slogging) on slug non-event days. and, i agree with them. i can think of no good reason to come back after you get the shirt. it's a widely known (ultra-world) secret that Team Slug is not really a running club. though we have put on a lot of non-events, and we have a lot of "Unofficial Chapters". rather, we're a philosophy of life. one that says, "slow down, walk a little, be nice, enjoy your days; smile some damn time, it ain't gonna kill ya." and once in a while, someone gets "it." they understand what we're saying, and feel how deeply we believe. maybe TSI would better be described as a CULT. a religion where one understands how incredibly precious each moment is, and one that believes in the goodness of all...particularly fellow Slugs :)

so are we losing dear friends john and debbee??? not really. rather, they'll take their pink flamingos and black Slug gear; load'it into a giant u-haul and point it west. and they'll always remember the slugs. always. and, some day; if they get lucky and get olde... they'll be out on a trail somewhere; creeping, bumbling, and stumbling; barely moving, aching from every joint, a little too fatt ... and realize, dang, da'hitman was right. we are slugs. we are ALL slugs...some us just didn't get their yet.

good luck getting there,

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