Wednesday, July 16, 2008

from my FAV empress :)

I started thinking OMG what if flatfoot freddie posts all I wrote.....???? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! SO I checked.... and was relieved.... I think I better put a label on the emails I am not sure I want to be shared with the entire world wide web :) Thank God for Flatfoot Freddie's quick review and block...

I am a slug.... and my legs will never allow me to be anything but a slug...... nor will my thoughts.... as I hate serious competition.... and all that that implies.... too friggin serious... and if you watch..... people are far too serious about the activity that is supposed to be for "Fun" and I cringe to know I spend money to run while people have no money for food, shelter, and safety..... seriously, I get quite upset and never want to take it too seriouslly, I am always internally battling with these thoughts.... I am pretty much on the boycott of paying to run unless the money will specifically benefit someone less fortunate.

Take care and we will send our new address..... it is a gorgeous house (we lucked out--- banana slugs and Geoducks were all there to make it happen).... you and Mary will have to come visit..... it is in Kingston, just 2 miles from the ferry.. from the house you can see the cascade range, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier! We have an open home to all our friends and when we say you are welcome to visit we mean it!

ED note: no matter what you send; ff will post whatever he wants (whether you wrote it or not :)...p.s. we absolutely WUV debbee, and always will...

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