Friday, July 11, 2008

From the Rise Up Runners...

Many thanks to the Delaware Slugs for their hospitality, enthusiasm, encouragement between laps, and for the lunacy to host a 50K event in the middle of June on the longest day of the year. If you ever get a super secret invitation to join in a Team Slug non-event, give it a go. Some great folks!

First FIVE Entrants for TSI's 2008 RBC 50K are:

1. Pokey, DE
2. The Grand Poo-bah, MD
3. Jim Simpson, CA
4. Annie King, GA
5. Kathy G, DE

Finishers will receive TSI's 20th Anniversary Beer Stein...
Register Soon; Slots will be limited to the "Whim of Flatfoot Freddie"

Happy Days,

da' Hitman

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