Monday, December 18, 2006

fattest butt gets plumper by da' week!

ok, dr. hitman turned up; seems he ordered one of d'ose on-line clergy certificates, and he's been down in tallahassee marryin' drunkard college students at $25 a pop to pay for seventy-five cases of new orleans' finest voodoo blackened lager. and, you can be sure he's up to no good with that much swamp juice. but, he did promise to be here in january; and, the tsi 2007 fattest butt registration continues with the next four official entrants confirmed; jason mattis, phillip hesser, rich kruse, and miguel gomez. welcome one and all. the field continues to shape up nicely, and slug trinkets have been "officially ordered." soon we will add more names to the lifetime slug list, and friends, if you are still running; you may continue to avoid the wrath of the the famous black slug-shirt; but, sooner or later, if ya don't quit; you'll be joining us in the slug kingdom. hey, it ain't so bad being slow! from the warm and sunny eastern seaboard, flattest foot freddie.

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