Thursday, June 29, 2006

Three Month Countdown...

...until the Russell B. Cheney 50K on September 30th. and, we all know the summer will fly by. We currently have fifteen (15) registered plodders. Normally, I'd cut it off right there. But, after convening with the tsi's most honorable board of directors in last night's executive council meeting, we've decided to go for the record. The very next entry will break that record, and receive a lifetime of harassment from da' slugs. That's right, in the past 17 years, and 44 events the largest number of runners ever registered was 15*. so please if you're determined to run this fall please get the entry in. i really don't expect everyone to show up, so no worries, there'll be plenty of pond-water and day old bread for all. i hope each of you are enjoying your best running and life-year ever. happiest of days, john.
*that's in "official" slug non-events. i realize that some of the "semi-official" slug non-events, including those in the d.c. area, the "peanuts' gallery", and even my personal favorite, brother claude's "slugs from hell", have had many more starters. and, i assure you all, that here at tsi we absolutely love all of our affiliate organizations. in fact, the "gulf coast ufo division" of tsi, headed by the big brown pony is now entering its 10th consecutive year of failing to finish even "one" plodder at their annual convention/beach-plod in Navarre Beach, Florida. now, that is an accomplishment! congrats bbp and keep up the great work.

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