Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Great Morning Run......

...and one day closer to rbc and jfk. this morning was a fantastic exercise in putting in some long, slow miles; and swatting some gnasty gnats that bite. we were out extra early this morning to beat the stormy rain that's slowly and surely descending into downstate delaware. and we talked and enjoyed peaceful quiet, it was all good, as we experienced the intense and beautiful humidity that completely envelopes you as you move through time in the summer in the mid-atlantic. if you're reading this today, take a minute to click on the WS100 live-link and check on ms. catra's progress. she's been in my thoughts a lot lately, and continues to motivate me towards my personal goals. how much effort does it take to go out into this heat and run three hours...plenty....but my budd in California is out "right now" facing not only the beast of one hundred miles; but then fully intends to turn around and run back. let's face it...the girl's got what it takes, and we love her. so slugfriends enjoy your runs today and this weekend, and keep in mind that it is a privilege to be healthy enough to get out there and do what we do. please be thankful for it. lookin forward to seeing each of you all later this summer and into the fall. happy days, john.

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