Saturday, January 14, 2006

"The Animal" heading to the ROK!

I'm spending my final weekend with my slug-brother Justin "The Animal" Jones out on the treacherous trails of Central Delaware. The past two years chasing him on long runs have helped me stay focused and motivated to keep moving. We've had a lot of good times --- at Philly with the Swamp Rocket; and with the Trail Dawgs where Justin "earned" a river rock for slu-ogging with me for over 9 (nine) hours. We shared the Honorary Crazy Horse Award that day. Running and Life, don't get no ---pardon the WV, in honor of Justin, English--- better than that. This morning at the top-secret Main Slug Compound & Training Grounds the Dover Post came out to interview us for a story appearing in the local paper about TSI. I'll provide a link on site when available. Justin reports to Kunsan Air Base in the Republic of (South) Korea on 10 Feb. Coincidentally, and i enjoyed chiding him about it this morning, that is the same date on which I report to Daytona Beach for Spring Training. See, getting older does have its benefits. Happy Trails Slugs.

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