Saturday, January 07, 2006

'06 Off to a Great Start!

The year is off to a great start with the Fattest Butt, see report on site, and Daytona Spring Ultra-training just over a month away. Many thanks over the past several months to all my Slugg-budds and other friends for the kind e-mails and phone calls. Many of you are aware of my serious health issues late last summer and into the fall. The physical struggle changed my life, and completely blew my JFK plans off course. But every day i feel just a bit better; and I fully intend to make a complete recovery. Many personal changes are brewing as i prepare to retire from the military after 21 years. I am ready. Running goals this year are The Big Butt (RFH 50K in SC in July), and then JFK in November as I chase my fifth finish. I will mix in some marathons in the meantime, and maybe a 50K or two. Also, Team Slug continues to enjoy success. The site finished '05 with 22,600 hits. Thanks for all the support. While it's true that TSI is not your typical running club (not an actual organized group); it continues to serve it's purpose of spreading kindness, friendship, and running accomplishments; and further providing a forum & opportunity for those interested in joining our community of long-distance affecionados. I wish each of you health and prosperity in the coming year and always. happy days, john.

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