Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stick In Foot (it was frozen until lap 6)


I attempted to run the 31 mile non-event unoffical ice cold ultra trail marathon race at Killen's Pond this past Sunday.

Crystal gave me a 6 hour window of opportunity.... and a long grocery list and "The Look".

I made 24.8 miles in 5.45 something hours at which time I felt I would be in the "Dog House" so bagged it a lap 8.

Then I gave a new meaning to "shop until you drop".

No, I was fine , no "Clean up on ailse 9" was needed (thank God) but in my post more-dumb marathon ultra depression let down dilirum in the commissary I was still looking for knarly roots in the tile floor, only tripped twice almost taking out the Fruit Loops. I think I was drooling too, so maybe it was a slip, but I never fell down.

I felt like a 12 year old on the last lap....knew I could have ran 6 miles or more after that energy bar that I ate at mile 10 finally dislodged itself from my throat to become a rock in my stomach from mile 11 to mile 18 and then actually started to supply useable energy to my legs at mile 21, my last lap was a blistering for me I think 9.6 mile pace and increased my hopes of a Western States 100 mile pipe dream finish before I'm 80.

How you doing out there in the snow...been seeing a lot of flooding but I think you are OK up on higher ground.

John - had problems accessing Team Slug Blog....wanted to pass along a thank you to Derrick, Amanda and Phil, they made the run for me - great tails from their trails like when Pokey recused a lady that got run over by a buck!

All in all a good run but missed you both - hope your visit with your son went well John

Stick In Foot (it was frozen until lap 6)

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